President Trump expressed his support for the families and victims of Hurricane Harvey and thanked the first responders who have been on the ground assisting those in need.

"The heartbreaking devastation and suffering caused by Hurricane Harvey has profoundly affected our entire nation," Trump said Friday in his weekly address. "Many homes and communities have been destroyed, many lives have been upended, and tragically, some have lost their lives in this catastrophic storm."

"We pray for the victims and their families — and all of those who have been displaced from their homes," he added.

Trump expressed appreciation for first responders and organizations such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army for their contributions. He met with leaders of these disaster relief groups in the Oval Office on Friday.

Trump, who plans to return to Texas as well as Louisiana on Saturday, also assured those affected by the hurricane that they would receive help and support as their communities move forward from the aftermath of the natural disaster.

"When one part of America hurts, we all hurt. When we see neighbors in need, we rush to their aid," Trump said, echoing a line he used during his recent Afghanistan policy speech. "We don't ask their names or where they are from — we help our fellow Americans every single time."

"This is the spirit of America. It is exactly what I saw while in Texas this week — a spirit of love, determination, and resolve," Trump added. "A spirit, that even when wounded, never gives up — never gives in — never loses hope. We just keep fighting — we just keep pushing on, for the people we love, and for the nation we call home."