Donald Trump was on the receiving end of nearly double the questions his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton got at NBC's "Commander in Chief" forum, many of them follow-ups to initial questions from host Matt Lauer and veterans in the audience.

Clinton received four questions from vets while Trump received five, according to the Washington Examiner's tally. The Republican nominee got 16 questions from Lauer and his opponent received just seven.

Much of the discrepancy was due to Clinton's longer answers, during which Lauer repeatedly attempted to interrupt in order to move on to other subjects, all of which dealt with military responsibilities the next president will face when he or she assumes office.

Trump's answers were often shorter. Lauer frequently cut him off to ask him to be more specific in his policy positions

Though Clinton faced fewer questions, they were not necessarily any easier. The first two, which came from Lauer, were confrontations over Clinton's email controversy — he asked if her communication practices at the State Department disqualified her from being president — and her since-renounced vote to invade Iraq.

In her answers, Clinton acknowledged she regretted involvement both matters.

Trump was asked about numerous controversial statements he has made, including compliments he has paid to Russian President Vladimir Putin. (He has "great control over his country," Trump said, among other things.)