President Trump hosted a friendly crowd Friday at the White House in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, engaging only supportive heckling as he praised Mexico's president and the people of Puerto Rico.

"We just got back from Puerto Rico together, and it was really quite a sight, we're doing a great job there, and they are great, great people — they are great people," Trump said.

"So are you!" a man shouted from the crowd.

"Thank you," Trump said.

Trump said that "our hearts remain heavy" after the Sunday mass murder at a Las Vegas country music concert and that "we are also praying for the people of Puerto Rico," which remains largely without electricity following Hurricane Maria.

"We love Puerto Rico, Pwer-to Rico," he said, emphasizing the pronunciation in Spanish. "And we also love Port-o Rico — and we're marshaling every federal resource at our disposal."

"Trump, we love you!" a woman shouted from the crowd.

Trump also mentioned U.S. aid to assist with recent earthquakes in Mexico, saying "I will tell you we sent crews to Mexico, and the president was very gracious."

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto called Thursday to say thank you, Trump said, adding: "You have a wonderful president in Mexico, I can tell you that."

Trump did not mention his desire to build a border wall, or his decision to end a program allowing work permits for nearly a million young people brought illegally to the U.S. as children. He did condemn the Cuban and Venezuelan governments, saying "Communism is the past; freedom is the future."

He also praised Latina business owners and asked the crowd if anyone would object to "a massive tax cut."

"No!" the crowd said in unison.

Trump took a break from his remarks to shake the hand of a Medal of Honor recipient and in his speech expressed gratitude for the "countless citizens of Hispanic descent" in the military.

"From our earliest days, Hispanic Americans have enriched our country and helped shape our history," Trump said. Later, he added: "Our amazing Hispanic American communities embody our great American values of faith, and family, and security, and hard work and freedom."