President Trump returns to Washington, D.C., Sunday evening, capping a "working" spent largely in Bedminster, N.J. — but first tweeted criticism at what he called "some of the worst and most dishonest Fake News reporting."

"Heading back to Washington after working hard and watching some of the worst and most dishonest Fake News reporting I have ever seen!", Trump said in a Sunday night tweet.

According to the White House, the president was scheduled to leave Morristown Municipal Airport at 7:25 p.m. Eastern time en route Andrews Air Force Base and then the White House.

Trump did not elaborate on what the news reports were that warranted his "fake news" attack.

Trump spent the majority of the last 17 days at his private golf club in Bedminster. He pushed back on claims that he was on "vacation," saying in a Aug. 5 tweet that was "working" and participating in "meetings and calls."

However, details of his day to day were slim and most of his schedule was kept private. He did also spend some time at Trump Tower in New York City, Camp David and back the White House.

The Trump administration had what some critics described as a particularly rough week, as the president faced backlash for his comments in response to last weekend's Charlottesville violence and saw the departure of top official Steve Bannon.

The White House announced earlier in the day Sunday that the president will travel Monday to Fort Myer in Arlington, Va., and address U.S. troops gathered there in the evening "to provide an update on the path forward for America's engagement in Afghanistan and South Asia."