President Trump traveled to Trump National Golf Club in Virginia shortly after sending a series of tweets on the terror attacks in London Saturday night.

It's the second time in as many days Trump has visited the golf course. It's unclear if Trump planned on golfing Sunday, though the president was wearing his usual golf outfit: a white polo shirt, dark pants, white shoes and a red hat.

Trump spent the morning tweeting about the attack, calling for an end to political correctness when talking about terrorism and slamming London Mayor Sadiq Khan's comments to Londoners that there's no reason to be afraid and the city should go about its business. He also chided Democrats for not talking about gun control after the attacks because they were done with a truck and knives.

As Trump traveled to the golf course, one of his retweets from 2014 resurfaced on Twitter, in which President Obama was criticized for golfing minutes after he denounced the beheading of journalist James Foley.

"What kind of president doesn't get playing golf after a cruel beheading isn't the thing to do? Detached from reality he is," the tweet read.

As news broke of the London attack that left at least 7 dead and dozens injured, Trump fired off a series of tweets condemning political correctness, calling for the courts to uphold his controversial travel ban and criticizing the mayor of London.