Donald Trump predicted Thursday that if he wins the White House November, he might be sending cease and desist letters to China and other nations that are "ripping us off."

During a CNN town hall, Trump admitted to host Anderson Cooper that while he might not sue Sen. Ted Cruz after sending him a cease and desist letter this week over ads he deemed false, he said China and Mexico might be on the receiving end of such letters.

"But a cease and desist letter, I mean, you're not going to sue him," Cooper told Trump while discussing the ad at hand.

"Well, you don't know that," Trump said to laughs in the audience. "But I like to send letters. I have a lot of lawyers. I have wonderful lawyers. I like to send letters, but you know what? It's good that people know."

After arguing that such letters are having a positive impact given that Cruz's numbers are dropping, Trump then said he would issue such letters to nations overseas -- or, at least, the equivalent of a cease and desist note.

"As president would you be sending cease and desist letters?" the host asked Trump.

"Yeah, maybe to China," Trump said to a stunned Cooper. "No, I would be. I would be sending them to China to stop ripping us off. I would be sending them to other countries to stop ripping us off. I'd send them to Mexico — and when I say cease and desist, maybe it's equivalent, okay? Maybe I'd do it with my mouth."

With less than 48 hours until polls close in South Carolina, Trump continues to lead in the state with 33.5 percent support, according to the latest RealClearPolitics average.