Donald Trump tried to combat charges he isn't conservative enough Friday night, telling supporters in South Carolina that he is the "most conservative person in the world" on issues that matter.

Touting his stances on the U.S./Mexico border, education, and healthcare, Trump argued to attendees in Charleston, S.C., that he is the most conservative individual in the GOP field, on the issues that matter most.

"You've probably heard some of these really not smart people say 'Donald Trump is not a true conservative. He is not a conservative,'" Trump said imitating his opponents.

"I'm very conservative," Trump shot back. "I'm the most conservative person in the world on the border. I'm the most conservative person in the world with respect to getting rid of Common Core. I'm the most conservative person in the world with getting rid of Obamacare. I'm the most conservative person in the world having to do with our military and rebuilding our military and taking care of our vets."

Trump has been receiving heat from some of his GOP opponents over his political ideology, particularly from Sen. Ted Cruz, who has attacked Trump over past stances on abortion, healthcare and the Second Amendment.

The event was Trump's third of the day as he looks to solidify his lead in the Palmetto State. According to the RealClearPolitics average, Trump leads both Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio by double digits with 31.8 percent support. The pair of senators sit second and third with 18.4 and 17.8 percent support, respectively.