The Trump administration is expected to release a draft infrastructure blueprint next week in time for the president's State of the Union speech on Tuesday.

The plan is aimed at expediting environmental permitting approvals that a draft copy of the plan leaked Friday said would ease the development of roads, pipelines, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.

"The environmental review process under [the National Environmental Policy Act] as it exists today is lengthy, inefficient, and costly," the draft reads.

The draft plan looks to consolidate environmental permitting under a "One Agency, One Decision" structure.

It explains that the current process provides for multiple agencies to conduct separate and time-consuming permitting and environmental reviews, which slows the approval process and delays economic activity.

The plan looks to eliminate "multiple reviews by multiple agencies" and delegate more responsibilities to states. It also authorizes the creation of pilot projects to find innovative ways of getting through project reviews while still protecting the environment.

The plan would also authorize one lead agency to establish deadlines for completion of reviews by other federal offices and issue one record of decision for each project.

Trump has previously outlined the direction of such a plan in subsequent executive orders he issued earlier during his first year in office, emphasizing the need to expedite environmental reviews and other areas of oversight to encourage economic development.