After President Trump's campaign-style speech in Arizona this week, Democrats are still balking at his call to build a border wall.

Like it or not, the numbers are firmly on Trump's side.

Illegal border crossings under Trump's administration are down 53 percent to 76 percent depending on who you listen to, which shows that cracking down on illegal immigration works.

However, the illegal immigration crisis still looms large.

The Democrats have long pushed the theory that they're coming strictly for jobs.

But the House Committee on Homeland Security has debunked that theory, saying in a 2006 report, "Not all illegal aliens are crossing into the United States to find work," a report by the Homeland Security Committee reveals. "Law enforcement officials indicate that there are individuals coming across the border who are forced to leave their home countries because of criminal activities. These dangerous criminals are fleeing the law in other countries and seeking refuge in the United States."

There are no two ways about it: Many illegal immigrants are coming here to commit crimes.

As a result, illegal immigrant criminals are also clogging up our correctional facilities and costing taxpayers big time.

Immigrants, legal or illegal, make up 20 percent of inmates in prisons and jails nationally, according to a 2008 estimate from the Department of Homeland Security. Immigrants make up about 7 percent of the U.S. population, Census data show. The annual cost to incarcerate criminal illegal immigrants is $1.5-1.6 billion a year at the federal level.

FBI crime statistics show that number is even higher for the largest border state, California. About 12.7 percent of inmates inside California's state prisons, county jails, and municipal detention facilities are illegal aliens.

Then, there is the total cost of taking illegal immigrants into newly-forged sanctuary cities.

In January, Trump issued an executive order cracking down on sanctuary cities and threatening to withhold federal funding from those cities. According to former Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., the annual federal taxpayer burden of sanctuary cities adds up to more than $14 billion nationally, $1 billion in California and Texas, and more than $100 million annually in at least a dozen states.

However, Democrats don't appear to be interested in the cost of illegal immigration, and they certainly seem hell-bent on obstructionism in order to divebomb this president's agenda.

Contrast this to 10 years ago when Democratic senators by the name of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden joined 77 other senators to vote in support of a border barrier in Yuma, Ariz.

Democrats can't help themselves. Just like former Sen. John Kerry, they were for a policy before they were against it!

Corrections: The original version of this piece claimed that FBI statistics showed 95 percent of arrest warrants issued in Los Angeles are for illegal immigrants, that 75 percent percent of those on the "most wanted" list in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Albuquerque, N.M. were illegal immigrants, and that 53 percent of burglaries in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas were committed by illegal aliens. None of those claims could be verified using FBI data.

The piece also claimed that a United Nations report found that 97 percent of illegal immigrants in the U.S. entered via the southern border. That report could not be located.

The piece also claimed that 25 percent of inmates in California prisons were Mexican nationals. The report linked to actually says 12.7 percent of the California prison population is made up of illegal aliens.

Jennifer Kerns is a GOP communications strategist. She served as spokeswoman for the California Republican Party, recalls in Colorado, and California's Prop. 8. Previously, she served as a writer for the 2016 U.S. presidential debates for FOX News.

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