New Hampshire gun store Black Ops Arms knows giving a gun to a man who is protected by the Secret Service is not an easy endeavor.

Store owner Mark Limoges, admittedly a big Donald Trump supporter, wanted to give the GOP front-runner a gift to commemorate his visit to New Hampshire, according to a Wednesday interview on CNN.

But Trump's campaign team said before he could accept the AR-15 assault weapon, Secret Service would have to inspect it.

"A Secret Service agent came to the store, took the gun. We removed the bolt out of it. They took possession of the weapon and then presented it to us before we went into the room to present it to Mr. Trump," Limoges said Wednesday.

The AR-15 that was given to Trump had the store's Black Ops Arms symbol on it along with others, including the Granite State's motto "Live Free or Die" and the American flag on the handrail.

Trump will need to modify the weapon before he transports it back to New York.