Donald Trump called the possible resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict "the ultimate deal" on Sunday.

"If you're a deal person, the ultimate deal is that deal," Trump said on "Meet the Press" on NBC.

"The hardest thing to do is that," Trump said, referring to the ongoing, decades-long turmoil between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Republican front-runner last week declared that he would be "neutral" in handling the matter. That answer defies Republican orthodoxy, which calls for backing Israel first.

"I'm very pro-Israel," Trump said. "I did a commercial for [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu when he was getting elected. He asked me to do a commercial for him. I did a commercial for him."

Still, Trump said he stood by his earlier statement.

"You're not going to solve [the conflict] if you're going to be one side or the other," Trump said. "Everyone understands that."

"If I'm going to solve the problem, I want to go in with a clean slate."