President Trump promised to repeal Obamacare and jokingly threatened to fire Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price if Republican senators fail to pass a health care bill in a speech to 40,000 Boy Scouts Monday night.

"Hopefully he will get the votes tomorrow to start our path to killing this horrible thing known as Obamacare that is really hurting us," Trump said, turning to Price, who joined the president on stage at the National Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia.

As the Boy Scouts in the crowd began chanting "U.S.A.," Trump then asked Price if he would "get the votes."

"He better get the votes," Trump said. "Otherwise I will say, Tom you're fired."

Senate Republicans are planning to vote Tuesday on a motion to proceed with debate on a healthcare bill, although leadership has not clearly indicated whether the bill will repeal and replace Obamacare simultaneously or whether it will feature a clean repeal of the Affordable Care Act and delay its replacement for two years.

Healthcare, and the potential Republicans may fail in their efforts to reform it, was clearly on Trump's mind at the national Boy Scouts of America summit.

After signaling at the beginning of the speech that he would not talk about politics, Trump did just that, interspersing his prepared remarks with barbs at the "fake media," boasts of a thriving economy and stock market, and assurances that he is "making America great again."

"Who the hell wants to talk about politics to the Boy Scouts?" Trump said, before warning that Washington D.C. "is not a good place" and musing he may rename it from "swamp" to "cesspool."

Trump went on to call onto the stage three of his Cabinet secretaries, all of whom are Eagle Scouts: Ryan Zinke, secretary of the Interior Department, Rick Perry, secretary of the Energy Department, and Price.

Nodding to Perry, Trump vowed America will be "energy dominant" and become a major energy exporter.

Later, Trump went on to cite Boy Scout law, how it teaches loyalty and trustworthiness.

"We could use some more loyalty, I will tell you that," Trump followed, seemingly poking Republicans who he believes are not supporting his agenda.

Trump was the eighth president to attend the National Boy Scout Jamboree, usually held every four years.

Former presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush addressed the event.

"By the way, just a question," Trump asked the crowd during his speech. "Did President Obama ever come to a Jamboree?"

Obama did not attend the event, citing his opposition to the Boy Scouts' policy barring homosexual scouts and scoutmasters.