Donald Trump Jr. called ABC News “fake news” after the network corrected their report Friday about former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s being instructed by President Trump to contact the Russians.

Initially, the report cited a source saying Trump made the request as a candidate. Hours later ABC News offered a "clarification," later changed to a "correction," saying that Trump made the request after the election during the transition.

“.@ABC retracts their misleading ‘bombshell’ and removes their tweet approximately 12 hours after they knew it to be false,” the eldest Trump son tweeted Saturday morning. “I know it’s rare for you guys to get more than 200 RTs so I guess you milk it when you can?!?! #fakenews”

The video clip of ABC News' original report, which was shared by ABC News in a tweet, received more than 26,000 retweets and 35,000 likes before being deleted when the "clarification" was issued.

Trump Jr. went further to suggest that there will be no disciplinary action for those responsible for the mistake because “the error was adverse to @realDonaldTrump... the same error about his predecessor would have been met with real consequences.” Trump's predecessor in the White House was Barack Obama.

CNN reported that an ABC News spokesperson declined to say whether there would be any disciplinary action.