President Trump's legal team believes special counsel Robert Mueller has not met the threshold that needs to be met to conduct a face-to-face interview with a president, according to a report.

Trump's attorneys believe Mueller and his prosecutors need to demonstrate that only the president can provide the information they seek, sources told CNN. Trump's legal representatives are in contact with the White House counsel's office and outside experts, but internal conversations are ongoing, sources said.

Trump told reporters on Jan. 24 he is looking forward to speaking with Mueller, though he did add that any interviews would be "subject to my lawyers."

Trump attorney John Dowd told CNN last week he is yet to make to a decision, but even if Dowd objects, Mueller could still issue a grand jury subpoena.

Trump’s lawyers are also allegedly examining a 1997 federal court ruling that could postpone, limit, or sidestep an interview with Mueller, according to the Wall Street Journal, because it could prevent Trump from revealing details about his decision-making process and official actions.

Mueller so far has given Trump a range of topics he would like to discuss, and the White House has been forthcoming with other documents and voluntary witness testimony.