President Trump's top military advisers are proposing a 3,000 troop increase as the United States looks to confront a resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Under the new proposal, 3,000 troops would be added to the existing force of 8,400, with additional matching troops requested from NATO nations.

The White House has remained largely silent on its plans in Afghanistan, with press sectary Sean Spicer telling reporters Monday he did not have any new information to share.

H.R. McMaster, Trump's national security adviser, has been conducting a policy review on Afghanistan and has been expected to announce more details of the administration's strategy by the end of the month.

Administration officials told the Washington Post the Pentagon is weighing a more aggressive posture against the Taliban that could put it back on a war footing. The new strategy reportedly has the backing of Trump's top Cabinet officials and would authorize the Pentagon, rather than the White House, to set troop levels in Afghanistan.

It would also allow military leaders to exercise their discretion and provide greater authority to launch airstrikes against the Taliban along with lifting Obama-era restrictions that limit the United State's role in Afghanistan.

During the presidential campaign, Trump spoke against getting bogged down in further conflicts and has emphasized making the defeat of ISIS his main priority. Spicer reiterated that stance during Monday's press briefing.

"I think, No. 1, he wants to make sure that we defeat ISIS. That is something that is in our national security interest, make sure that we protect our people but … in a very responsible smart way," Spicer said, adding, "He's talked about not projecting, you know, where he's going and what he's going to do to let the enemy know ahead of time."