Donald Trump on Thursday named Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., as chairman of his national security advisory committee.

Trump's campaign said Sessions, a vocal advocate of tougher enforcement of the nation's immigration laws, would counsel Trump on foreign policy and homeland security.

"It is an honor to have Jeff as a member of the team," Trump said. "I have such great respect for him and I look forward to working with him on the issues most important to Americans."

"I am grateful for the opportunity to recommend and facilitate discussions among exceptional and experienced American military and diplomatic leaders to share insight and advice with Donald Trump, regardless of their political views," Sessions said. "Mr. Trump and the American people know our country needs a clear-eyed foreign policy rooted in the national interest."

Sessions added that the U.S. needs to "understand the limits of our ability to intervene successfully in other nations." He also said the U.S. needs to form partnerships overseas based on shared interests, "not merely overthrowing regimes in the dangerous attempt to plant democracies."

Sessions is the only current senator to endorse Trump so far.

Trump and Sessions would appear to see eye-to-eye on the key issue of immigration. Sessions has become the Senate's leading voice against President Obama's executive actions on immigration, while Trump launched his campaign last year by saying the U.S. needs to build a wall to help prevent illegal immigration.

In January, Sessions' top communications director, Stephen Miller, left the Senate to become a senior policy adviser to Trump.

Miller had helped to write Trump's immigration plan after Trump consulted with Sessions' office.