President-elect Trump said Wednesday President Obama's swipes at him recently are complicating the transition process, and he called into question whether Obama wanted a smooth transition.

"Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks. Thought it was going to be a smooth transition - NOT!" Trump tweeted Wednesday morning.

Trump has been incensed after Obama claimed in an interview with CNN that he would have defeated Trump in the 2016 election if he was able to run again. Following those comments, Trump lashed out on Twitter Tuesday at Obama, saying voters rejected his policies and message in November.

Trump and Obama met days after the election in November following a contentious campaign, and Trump, who called Obama the founder of the Islamic State and one of the worst presidents in history during the election, was far more conciliatory toward the outgoing president.

Trump said he had consulted Obama on Cabinet picks and talked to him frequently during the transition process. In rally speeches during his thank you tour, Trump backed off his attacks on Obama and even praised him and first lady Michelle Obama.

More attacks on Obama may be coming from Trump on Wednesday after Gallup named Obama the most admired man in the world for the ninth consecutive year.

According to the poll, 22 percent of Americans consider Obama the most admirable man in the world. Trump came in second in the poll, with 15 percent of Americans considering him the most admirable.

Americans, according to Gallup, usually name incumbent presidents the most admirable man in the world. In the 70 years Americans have been asked who is the most admirable man in the world, the incumbent president has been the top response 58 times.

The president-elect has topped the incumbent president only twice in the history of the poll — Obama in 2008 and President Dwight Eisenhower in 1952.