Donald Trump blasted Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton on Friday, claiming he had to turn her recent interview with CNN off because he couldn't stand the sound of her voice.

"I'm not going to say it because I don't want to say it because I want to be politically correct," Trump said, teasing the insult in his normal fashion.

"So I refuse to say I can't stand her screaming into the microphone all the time," he told the audience at his rally in Fresno, Calif.

"Actually, that's why I turned it off last night," he said of Clinton's phone-in interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "It wasn't that she was lying about me in every single corner, I just couldn't stand it. Such a headache."

"But I won't say it, because we're not allowed to say it, right?" he added, with a smirk.

Clinton's campaign framed Bernie Sanders as a sexist late last fall after the Vermont senator remarked, "All the shouting in the world is not going to do what I would hope all of us want, and that is keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns and end this horrible violence."

"I've been told to stop, and I quote, 'shouting' about gun violence. Well, first of all, I'm not shouting. It's just [that] when women talk, some people think we're shouting," the former secretary of state said a week later, during a speech at the Democratic National Committee Women's Leadership Forum.