Donald Trump reiterated Friday morning that taxpayers won't get a glimpse of his tax returns until his audit is over, even if that means after the November election.

When asked on ABC if voters have a clear right to see them before they vote, Trump said, "I don't think they do."

Still, Trump said they would be released as soon as possible, which could be before the election, and predicted that nothing interesting would be learned from them.

Trump also refused to say what his tax rate is, other than to say it's "none of your business," and that he tries to pay as little as possible.

"I try to pay as little tax as possible and I've said that for the last two years, I fight very hard because this country wastes our money," Trump said. "They take our tax money and throw it down the drain. They spend $4 trillion in the Middle East and we can't fix a road or a bridge and I fight very hard. I consider it an expense because, frankly, our country doesn't know what they're doing with our money or tax money and that's part of the problem so I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible."

"I do say this, I will really gladly give them, not going to learn anything but it's under routine audit," he said of his returns. "When the audit ends I'm going to present them. That should be before the election. I hope it's before the election. But when the audit ends I've had even journalists say that, no, nobody should give until audits are over, I've had journalists say that."

Trump criticized Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton — whom he called "Mrs. Clinton" — for asking for Trump's tax returns when she has a slew of her own things to release. "All the missing emails that she's got" and the transcripts of paid speeches given to big banks like Goldman Sachs, he said.

"Very, very great hypocrite but as far as I'm concerned, I want to give it as soon as possible. As soon as the audit ends, I'll give it, I've been under audit. Every year they audit me, I have wealthy friends that never get audited. I get audited every single year," he said.

ABC's George Stephanopoulos noted that President Richard Nixon released his taxes under audit and that Trump himself did when seeking casino licenses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. But Trump pushed back again and said he will not release his taxes while being audited.

"Well, because at the time it didn't make any difference to me. Now it does," Trump answered when asked why he released his tax returns then and not now. "I want to get through the audit first."

He also rejected that his returns would show big offshore holdings.

"I'll tell you right now … I don't have Swiss bank accounts," Trump said. "I don't have offshore, I really have a very clean company and believe me, if I didn't, it would have been reported by 200 groups because there's nobody that has more reporting or more scrutiny than I have."