Donald Trump praised former President George H.W. Bush's handling of Saddam Hussein's Iraq Sunday.

The eldest Bush drove Hussein out of Kuwait in 1991 after Hussein invaded the desert kingdom, but stopped short of toppling him.

"I think senior actually did a pretty good job of what he was doing," Trump said on "Meet the Press" referring to President George H.W. Bush's decisions in the Gulf War. "He went in. He taught him a lesson."

That was "the correct way of doing it," Trump said. "Not going in, and not upsetting, and giving him a lesson," Trump said.

Trump has been less glowing in his assessment of former President George W. Bush and brother and former rival Jeb Bush's Iraq positions. Trump reiterated that Sunday.

"The War in Iraq was a disaster," Trump said. "If you look at the Mideast now, it all started because of that horrible decision to go into Iraq."