President Trump honored House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., during his State of the Union on Tuesday.

“Some trials over the past year touched this chamber very personally. With us tonight is one of the toughest people ever to serve in this House — a guy who took a bullet, almost died, and was back to work three-and-a-half months later: the legend from Louisiana, Congressman Steve Scalise,” Trump said.

Scalise received a standing ovation after the president cheered his recovery, and was seen on camera expressing his gratitude to Trump for the mention.

Scalise was shot in June when a gunman opened fire during a Republican baseball practice for the annual congressional baseball game. He was one of four who was shot during the incident.

The majority whip sustained serious injuries and underwent multiple surgeries, with the latest taking place earlier this month.

Scalise returned to Congress in September after months of recovery.