President Trump said Friday that he would announce his decision on the fate of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price later in the evening, calling his embattled Cabinet official a "fine man."

Price has stirred up controversy by using taxpayer money to pay for travel on private jets. Although the former Georgia congressman has apologized and pledged to reimburse the government for his share of the travel — which totals roughly $52,000 — Trump has fumed this week about the bad headlines Price generated for the administration.

"He's a very fine man. I certainly don't like the optics. I'm not happy, I can tell you that. I'm not happy," Trump told reporters on Friday afternoon as he traveled to Bedminster, N.J. for the weekend.

Price is not the only Cabinet official whose travel on private jets has caught the media's attention. However, his reliance on the lavish form of transportation appears to have been the most widespread, and other administration officials — such as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos — reimbursed taxpayers for their use of charter flights before the media exposed it.