President Trump Sunday proposed spending more money on healthcare in order to "make it the best anywhere," but offered no policy specifics on where he'd like that money to go.

"I suggest that we add more dollars to Healthcare and make it the best anywhere. ObamaCare is dead - the Republicans will do much better!" Trump tweeted.

Trump backed the American Health Care Act as it passed the House along party lines earlier this month. The bill has been slammed by Democrats for cutting about $1.1 trillion from the country's healthcare system over the next 10 years.

Republicans are trying to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act in order to save the government from increasing its spending. The American Health Care Act has been touted as a tax decrease.

Many Democrats are concerned about the bill's provision that allows states to opt out of some aspects of Obamacare, such as specific coverage for pre-existing conditions.

However, Trump may still be undecided on exactly how much he wants the government to spend.

Just a few minutes after proposing increasing spending on healthcare, Trump touted his proposed tax reform package.

"The massive TAX CUTS/REFORM that I have submitted is moving along in the process very well, actually ahead of schedule. Big benefits to all!" Trump tweeted.

He later took time to rip the media for criticizing his tweeting.

"The Fake News Media works hard at disparaging & demeaning my use of social media because they don't want America to hear the real story!" Trump tweeted.