Donald Trump hit back at Ted Cruz Monday for comments the Texas senator made earlier in the day contrasting the New York billionaire with President Ronald Reagan.

Trump, who had said he was bigger than Reagan, defended his comments, coming at it from a new angle.

"Ronald Reagan, he didn't read the Bible every day, seven days a week. But, he was a great president. And he was a great president for Christianity. And frankly, I would say that I would be a far better leader," Trump told Christian Broadcasting Network Monday afternoon while campaigning in Lynchburg, Va.

Cruz had insisted while on the campaign trail in New Hampshire Monday that Reagan was a "principled conservative" and knocked Trump for having spent the majority of his life supporting Democratic principles.

Trump tweeted out a link to his CBN interview, also writing that voters are fearful of Cruz's citizenship status.

Cruz leads Trump in state polling of Iowa Republicans and beat him out for first place in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings this week.