President Trump criticized congressional Republicans on Friday for failing to rescind Obamacare even though the GOP controls the Senate, and urged them to move quickly on tax reform now that the debt ceiling issue has been put on hold.

"Republicans, sorry, but I've been hearing about Repeal & Replace for 7 years, didn't happen! Even worse, the Senate Filibuster Rule will...." Trump tweeted Friday morning. "...never allow the Republicans to pass even great legislation. 8 Dems control - will rarely get 60 (vs. 51) votes. It is a Repub Death Wish!

"Republicans must start the Tax Reform/Tax Cut legislation ASAP. Don't wait until the end of September. Needed now more than ever. Hurry!," he wrote.

This week, Trump passed over top conservative lawmakers to work with congressional Democrats to suspend the debt ceiling until mid-December and fund relief operations after Hurricane Harvey.

The move was a knock at Republican leadership, who wanted a longer debt-ceiling suspension.