Donald Trump retweeted the comment of an apparent Southern secessionist Saturday.

Trump's retweet comes days after Trump appeared to have retweeted a picture from a white nationalist.

Trump retweeted the following, "@TheSouthwasRite: @NRO cancelling my subscription- you people are idiots. @realDonaldTrump WILL be our next President. #Trump2016 #RNC."

Trump would seem to be highlighting a supportive comment from a fan similarly displeased with National Review's takedown "symposium" on the candidate published in its upcoming issue.

The choice of Trump's retweet could land him in hot water, again, however.

The account user TheSouthWasRite says the following on his or her profile, "Texas alone could be its own country. Let's re-establish the Confederate States of America. Other states would join."

The profile picture of the user is of the Third National Flag of the Confederacy.