President Trump said Wednesday tax reform will focus on easing the burden on middle-class Americans, not the rich.

"The rich will not be gaining at all from this plan," Trump said at the White House, as he wooed a visiting bipartisan group of lawmakers.

"We are looking for the middle class, and we are looking for jobs, jobs being the economy. So, we're looking at middle class, and we're looking at jobs," he said.

Trump then suggested he would be open to tax hikes on higher-income Americans, something highly unlikely to pass in the Republican-controlled Congress.

"The wealthy will be pretty much where they are," he said. "If they have to go higher, they'll go higher."

Trump has outlined a vague vision for tax reform, including doubling the standard deduction, lowering the business tax rate, and simplifying the tax code. He was hosting the lawmakers in a bid to push them toward action.