President Trump said Democratic lawmakers are not interested in cutting taxes, following the GOP's unveiling of tax reform framework on Wednesday.

"Now it is time – finally – for Congress to deliver," Trump said in his weekly address Friday. "The problem we have is the Democrats don't want to cut your taxes, they want to actually raise your taxes, and raise them very substantially. We can't afford to do that as a country, that's why our jobs are leaving, that's why you don't have enough left in your paycheck. We want to cut taxes and it's going to be the biggest tax cut in the history of our country."

The GOP's framework for tax reform cuts lowers business tax rates, repeals the estate tax, and contains other individual tax breaks.

Democrats and other critics have condemned the plan, saying it only benefits the wealthy and would add to the deficit.

"Democrats have always been willing to engage in bipartisan tax reform," said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. "Republicans' tax framework is not tax reform. It is a framework that gives away the store to the wealthiest, while sticking the middle class with the bill. Cutting the top tax bracket for the richest and the $270 billion giveaway of repealing the estate tax reveal a GOP tax framework built for billionaires."

Although the White House has expressed interest in passing a bipartisan plan, Senate GOP leaders intend to use the budget process known as reconciliation, which would allow them to pass the measure through a simple majority rather than the standard 60 votes.