President Trump said he would start dining at local Washington, D.C., restaurants, as former presidents have done.

"I'll tell you, my favorite restaurant ... rather than insulting anyone, I will say: I love the food in the White House. The White House is the greatest restaurant ... It's the most beautiful," Trump said in a radio interview with “The Larry O’Connor Show” on Thursday.

"They do such a beautiful job," he added. "This is such a beautiful, incredible place. I love it ... Special people, they've worked here for many, many years. Special people and the food is very, very good."

Although Trump has dined at his Trump International Hotel in D.C., he said it was pointed out to him he doesn’t visit local restaurants. But that will change, he said.

"That being said ... in Washington you do have some great restaurants, and I'm going to start going to them. I was accused the other day, well, when I leave the White House, which is seldom, I always go to my hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, and they say, 'He should go to other places.' And I never thought of it, and I'm going to start doing it."

Despite being projected to lose $2.1 million between January and April, the hotel raked in $1.97 million, the Washington Post reported in August, citing federal documents.

Trump has placed his business assets, including his hotels, into a trust that his sons oversee. He has not divested from them.