The first lady of Japan Akie Abe may have pretended not to speak English for nearly two hours to avoid speaking with President Trump during a G-20 summit dinner in early July.

During Trump's recount of the dinner, the president told The New York Times he was seated next to the wife of Prime Minister of Japan Abe Shinzo, and that she doesn't speak English.

Like, not "hello," Trump responded after being asked if the first lady speaks "zero" English.

Following the release of the excerpt, a video of the first lady delivering a keynote address in English at the High-Level Symposium in 2014 picked up speed on social media. The video shows the first lady reading the speech in English for nearly 15 minutes.

The Abes visited Trump in Washington and his Mar-a-Lago resort earlier this year for multiple days. It's unknown how often Akie Abe interacted with President Trump during that trip or if the two ever spoke without the help of a translator.