President Trump is becoming increasingly frustrated with the attention Steve Bannon is receiving for Trump's 2016 presidential campaign win, according to a report.

"That fucking Steve Bannon taking credit for my election," Trump told a confidant, per BuzzFeed News.

Trump's remarks refer to Joshua Green's new book "Devil's Bargain," which details how Bannon helped create the populist movement that catapulted Trump into the White House.

The quote comes amid growing speculation that Bannon's tenure as White House chief strategist is coming to an end, with Bannon blamed by some for Trump's tepid response to the Charlottesville violence. He also publicly contradicted the president's bellicose position on North Korea in an interview with the American Prospect published Wednesday.

Trump has voiced similar complaints on social media, mocking the "geniuses" behind his electoral victory.

"I love reading about all of the 'geniuses' who were so instrumental in my election success. Problem is, most don't exist. #Fake News! MAGA..." Trump tweeted in July.