President Trump accused Senate Democrats on Tuesday of obstructing efforts to confirm his political appointees because it's all they can do as the minority party.

"The Senate Democrats have only confirmed 48 of 197 Presidential Nominees. They can't win so all they do is slow things down & obstruct!" Trump wrote on Twitter Tuesday morning.

Congress is scheduled to leave Washington for the month of August, which would further delay Trump's administration appointments if the GOP-controlled Senate cannot approve his picks this month.

Trump also retweeted a video of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who urged the Senate on Tuesday morning to stay in D.C. until more work can get done. Trump's agenda of healthcare, tax, and infrastructure reforms remain unfinished.

"It's crazy that we'd be taking a recess. There's a bunch of us, myself included, that have been urging leadership back from January — let's not take any recesses. Let's work every day. Let's work weekends. Let's work 'till we get the job done," Cruz told Fox News.