The United States will not get involved in a coalition to stabilize Libya and end its migrant crisis despite pleas from Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, President Trump said Thursday while standing beside the Italian leader.

"I do not see a role in Libya," Trump told reporters during a joint White House press conference with Gentiloni. "I think the United States has, right now, enough roles."

"We're in a role everywhere, so I do not see that," he repeated.

Libya is a top foreign policy priority for Gentiloni, who recently struck a deal with the Arab country to end the flow of thousands of migrants into Italy. The prime minister was expected to urge Trump to lend security support to Libya's UN-backed government during their first sit-down on Thursday.

But Trump, who once suggested bombing Islamic State encampments in Libya, said Americans are currently focused on defeating radical jihadists and will not play a role in stabilizing Libya.

"We are effectively ridding the world of ISIS. I see that as a primary role and that's what we're going to do," he said. "And that role will come to an end at a certain point and we'll be able to go back home and rebuild our country, which is what I want to do."