A new national poll found Donald Trump fared significantly better with voters who regularly watched his TV show "The Apprentice" than those who rarely watched the reality show when it was on NBC. Across the aisle, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton ranked much lower with fans of the reality show.

Among people who said they "almost always" watched Trump's show when he was the host, Trump led Clinton 58-34. But when people who almost never watched the show, Trump trailed Clinton 53-38, according to the Feb. 22-23 Survey USA poll.

The results indicate that people who watched the show are more likely to support Trump than the former first lady.

"While there is nothing counter-intuitive about these findings, they are the first mathematical measure of the extent to which Trump has been able to cash-in on his celebrity," the poll said.

Clinton beat Trump in a national survey of the same polling group, 48 percent to 45 percent.