President Trump slammed CNN and NBC on Thursday during a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda, arguing CNN has hurt itself by covering the president so negatively.

"I think what CNN did was unfortunate for them, as you know now they have some pretty serious problems," Trump said, likely referring to a controversy involving CNN's decision to grant anonymity to the creator of an anti-CNN video on the condition that the man no longer posts offending content. "They have been fake news for a long time. They have ben covering me in a very dishonest way."

Trump escalated his feud with the media last week when he tweeted a short video of himself tackling a person with the CNN logo pasted over his face. CNN and others have called it an incitement to violence, while Trump's allies have argued the video was clearly meant as a joke.

"NBC is equally as bad, despite the fact that I made them a fortune with 'The Apprentice,' but they forgot that," Trump said, referring to his erstwhile reality show.

"I will say that CNN has really taken it too seriously and I think they've hurt themselves very badly," the president added. "What we want to see is honest, beautiful, free — but honest — fair press."

Trump turned to Duda and jokingly asked him if he struggled with hostile media in his country.

"Do you have that also, by the way, Mr. President?"