Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stood by his campaign's comments that they chose to cancel a Chicago rally Friday night at the recommendation of the Chicago Police Department.

"We met with security and the law enforcement, who I think did a terrific job, and they told me it'd be best not to go in and do the speech," Trump reiterated in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity after the postponed event.

When asked again by Hannity on whether law enforcement motivated his decision, Trump again responded affirmatively.

But the GOP front-runner's statement clashed with clarifying comments a spokesman for Chicago law enforcement made hours after the event was shut down. CPD said the agency never advised the businessman turned politician to cancel the rally.

CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi confirmed to the AP it never told Trump's team of a security threat at the University of Illinois at Chicago venue. Instead, CPD said police had the manpower to deal with any situation that arose.

Trump also fingered an unlikely culprit for the event cancellation.

"The country is going to hell. This is an Obama situation, too. He has caused tremendous division in this country ... Right now, we have a very divided country," Trump said. The real estate tycoon told Hannity he would create more jobs and in turn, improve morale among Americans, which he believes would change to how Americans relate to one another.

Trump said he expects the protests will only cause more supporters to come out to his future rallies.

"I think cancelling turned out to be a very good decision," said Trump, ranked first in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings.