GOP front-runner Donald Trump said Wednesday that Sen. Bernie Sanders' political philosophy may be more akin to communism than socialism.

"I listened to his speech last night," Trump told Fox News' Greta Van Susteren. "We're dealing with a socialist, perhaps even a communist."

Sanders won the majority of independents in New Hampshire's Tuesday primary, indicating his message of joint control in the role of private and public services has struck a cord with undecideds.

But Trump said the downfall to the Vermont senator's characterization of government lays in the fine print of Sanders' plan.

"You would literally have to pay 95 percent tax to do what this guy wants to do," Trump explained.

A Washington Examiner analysis of Sanders' promised welfare services and other spending projects found an additional $19.6 trillion in taxes would be necessary to implement these socialism programs.

Trump, ranked first in the Examiner's presidential power rankings, believes he can win the nomination and the election if voters understand that Sanders' promises come with a high price.

"He hasn't done anything as a senator and he thinks all of a sudden he thinks he's gonna turn things around," Trump later added on Fox News with Bill O'Reilly. "I think it sounds great for an election. I think he does not believe he will get it through Congress, I fully believe that."