A dumbfounded Donald Trump mused over the logistics behind Hillary Clinton's email scandal at a Friday campaign rally in Tampa. He questioned how she was physically able to send so many messages and why it was so important that she did.

"Why'd you have to do this? You put it [email server] in the bathroom of the house, some place no one even knows," Trump said. "And then you look at the volume. I mean, who can possible do that many? That's like 24 hours a day ... They've released them back, 22,000 emails. That's like one little bunch."

The GOP front-runner added he was concerned that someone would send tens of thousands of emails in one term as secretary of state.

The Manhattan real estate developer said he was not a "big believer" in emails, explaining "once you type it, it's no good."

"I go to court and they say 'produce your emails.' I say 'I don't have any' and the judges don't believe it. After you win the case, they say 'now I know that you're really smart," Trump said.

During the speech, the 11,000 people at the University of South Florida's Sun Dome broke out in chants of "lock her up." The crowd, with another 5,000 outside the venue, broke an attendance record set by Elton John in 1988.

Trump indulged the fiery supporters by reminding them he is beating Clinton in the polls and hinting that she may not run depending on the outcome of the FBI's investigation into her sending of classified information on a private server.

"I'd also love to run against the communist. I never thought we'd see the day in our country when a communist, cause that's really, when you think about it, when a communist is the leading Democrat," Trump said, drawing more cheers from the crowd. "We're gonna have a Communist against an entrepreneur. I like the entrepreneur."

Trump is ranked first in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings.