Donald Trump has a commanding 20-point lead in New Hampshire with less than three weeks to go before the primary, according to a new poll from CNN/WMUR, and Ted Cruz is distant second.

The survey found Trump leading among likely GOP voters with 34 points, Ted Cruz in second place with 14 points and then Bush and Rubio both tied for third with 10 points. While Trump, who is currently second in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings, has held the lead in New Hampshire since July, this is the most he's ever led in this poll.

Rubio held second place in December, but he fell from 14 to 10 percent since December. In contrast, Cruz has gained strength, jumping from 6 to 14 percent since the last polling.

The news is troubling for Rubio, who needs a strong showing in New Hampshire to provide momentum going into later voting states.

Although New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was very competitive with 9 percent in December, he now ties John Kasich and Rand Paul for fourth place with 6 points.

Carly Fiorina is at 4 percent of the vote, followed by Ben Carson with 3 percent and Mike Huckabee with 1 percent.

Even though only 6 percent of those surveyed remain undecided, the poll noted that 31 percent said they felt they were "definitely decided" on their candidate, whereas 43 percent have not made a final decision yet.

Granite state voters will cast their first ballots on Feb. 9 for the first-in-the-nation primary.