Donald Trump is headed for his longest break from the campaign trail since voting has started, the Washington Examiner has determined.

According to an analysis of the Republican presidential front-runner's schedule since he launched his White House bid last June, Trump hasn't gone more than three days without holding a campaign rally, town hall or meet-and-greet since the first week of November, with the exception of a six-day hiatus during the Christmas season.

But the billionaire's current schedule suggests he is about to go nearly ten days without a campaign event of any kind.

Trump spoke at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference and held a meeting with lawmakers earlier this week, but has not held a campaign rally since just before Tuesday's Republican primaries in Utah and Arizona.

His last two campaign stops were back-to-back rallies in the Grand Canyon State on March 19 and his next rally isn't scheduled until March 29 in Janesville, Wis., the hometown of House Speaker Paul Ryan.

The leading GOP candidate's unusually light schedule — for comparison, he held 36 rallies in February alone — fuels speculation that he's confident in where he stands in the race for the Republican nomination or has become bored with the wild crowds, constant jet-setting and sleep deprivation.

In light of the recent violence at his rallies, which drew heavy media attention and raised concerns among Republican leaders, this could also be Trump's way of ensuring he doesn't fan the flames.

A detailed calendar of Trump's campaign stops since June 2015 can be viewed below.