President Trump met with the leader of Guatemala on Thursday, ahead of their attendance at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.

Trump and President Jimmy Morales discussed the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and the administration's efforts to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States from Guatemala and other Central American countries, according to a readout provided by the White House.

The two leaders also addressed Trump's decision late last year to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Guatemala endorsed the move at the time of Trump's announcement, while the U.S. faced backlash from most countries.

"President Trump thanked President Morales for supporting the United States and Israel, and for his announced decision to move the Guatemalan embassy to Jerusalem," the White House said.

Only nine countries, including Guatemala, sided with the United States and Israel during a United Nations vote last December condemning Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

Morales has held office in Guatemala since 2015.