President Trump said Thursday that he wants stronger ties between the U.S. and Poland on energy, specifically securing Polish long-term natural gas export deals with the United States.

"America stands ready to help Poland and other European nations diversify their energy supplies, so that you can never be held hostage to a single supplier," Trump said during a press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, where liquefied natural gas exports were part of the discussion.

Poland began receiving shipments of U.S. LNG earlier this year from export terminals on the Gulf Coast. The U.S. government approves the permits that allow the export terminals to operate, but the purchases of LNG are private transactions and are not negotiated between governments.

Trump often discusses the deals as being negotiated bilaterally between the U.S. and other nations, which President Duda laughed off Thursday when Trump talked about sealing a deal on LNG in 15 minutes.

"I think we can enter a contract for LNG within the next 15 minutes," Trump told the Polish president. "Do you have anybody available to negotiate? It will take about 15 minutes."

Duda appeared amused by Trump's comments, saying he expects long-term contracts to be reached between the Polish government and U.S. private industry.

"I believe that after the conclusion of those negotiations, there will be a long-term contract for U.S. LNG deliveries to our LNG terminal," Duda said.