Donald Trump lambasted Hillary Clinton on Monday night for her record as a former secretary of state, touting a list of failures his Democratic rival can put in her trophy case.

"You look at the Middle East. It's a total mess. Under your direction, to a large extent. But you look at the Middle East. You started the Iran deal. That's another beauty where you have a country ready to fall, they were doing so badly. They were choking on the sanctions and they're going to be a major power at some point the way they're going," Trump said during the first debate.

The billionaire businessman then cited NATO, knocking member nations for not paying their fair share and the cost it puts on U.S. taxpayers to defend those nations even when they don't hold up their end of the deal.

Trump has said that renegotiating the Iran nuclear deal would be one of his top priorities if elected, calling the plan to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon a "disaster."

"So it was a terrible deal. It was a terrible negotiation. It was negotiated by people that are poor negotiators against great negotiators," Trump told the Washington Post in April.

Clinton has raised her own issues about the Iran nuclear deal, including delayed access to inspect Iranian facilities and pieces of the agreement that expire after 15 years. But overall, she has praised the deal and even pointed out her role in laying the groundwork for it as secretary of state.

"Is it perfect? Well, of course not. No agreement like this ever is. But is it a strong agreement? Yes, it is and we absolutely should not turn it down," she said last year at the Brookings Institution. "The bottom line is that it accomplishes the major goals we set out to achieve: it blocks every pathway for Iran to get a bomb, and it gives us better tools for verification and inspection and to compel rigorous compliance."