Don't get between President Trump and a cheeseburger. You could end up getting shoved aside harder than a Macedonian prime minister, according to a new telling of his love of America's sandwich.

Well known for eating McDonald's on his corporate jet during the 2016 campaign, Trump skips over the lox and cream cheese at his Palm Beach, Fla., golf course brunch buffets in search of burgers, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich reveals in his new book.

In "Understanding Trump," Gingrich writes that "Trump would wander through the line and get a cheeseburger and fries. It was a very practical reminder that in his heart Trump was raised as a middle-class guy from Queens, not a Manhattan socialite."

The book, provided in advance of its June 13 release, added that the president isn't just a McDonald's guy. "Anytime a meal was served when I flew with candidate Trump aboard his nicely outfitted 757, it was invariably McDonald's, Wendy's, or a similar fast food," Gingrich wrote.

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