President Trump is expected to announce his revised foreign policy for U.S. relations with Cuba during a trip to Miami next Friday.

The Trump administration started drafting the new policy in May and appears to be nearing completion if not already finished, according to a report Friday evening of the upcoming trip south.

The policy may favor hardline Cuban-Americans who were exiled during Fidel Castro's dictatorship given the event's location in Miami. Trump may limit business with the Cuban military and cut down on U.S. tourism to the island.

Former President Barack Obama began normalizing diplomatic relations between the countries in 2014. Prior to leaving office, he rescinded the wet-foot, dry-foot policy, normalizing immigration policy between the countries.

Many people who were exiled during the early years of Castro's reign criticized Obama's actions.

Vice President Mike Pence will travel with Trump to Miami, where he is scheduled to speak at a Central America conference at Florida International University.