Donald Trump celebrated his New Hampshire victory Tuesday, telling CNN he was honored to have scored big across all demographic and ideological groups.

The self-funded billionaire took first place in the Granite State with 35 percent, more than doubling the second-place winner, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who took in 16 percent.

"I was so happy, I just looked at your report and it was right across the board ... with men, with women, with young, with old, with, you know, everything," Trump told Jake Tapper. "To win every single category was, perhaps, the greatest honor of all."

The real estate tycoon's victory was the biggest one in a Republican primary since Sen. John McCain beat George W. Bush in New Hampshire 16 years ago. Trump, who admitted he did not know his win had broken recent records, said it was a great to have won by so many votes.

Trump lost to Sen. Ted Cruz in last week's Iowa caucuses, but was expected to win in New Hampshire after he stepped up his ground game in New England.

Trump and his campaign team will head to South Carolina Wednesday. He told CNN he is ready for whatever "dirty tricks" other candidates may throw at him. He is currently ranked third in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings.