President Trump has invited every member of his Cabinet and their spouses to join him at Camp David over the weekend for a meeting on the administration's agenda and the government's response to a pair of destructive hurricanes, the White House announced on Friday.

The Cabinet meeting at Camp David this weekend will be the fourth of Trump's presidency. His first, held in June at the White House, featured statements of praise from each Cabinet official in a rapid-fire succession that sparked mockery on social media.

Trump will lead his top administration officials in "a discussion on the administration's priorities," the White House said. The president and his Cabinet will also receive briefings on the administration's response to Hurricane Harvey, which recently ravaged Texas and Louisiana, as well as a briefing on the preparations in Florida for Hurricane Irma, which is expected to make landfall over the weekend.

The meeting will cap off a turbulent week for the White House that resulted from Trump's decision to side with Democratic leaders on a deal to lift the debt ceiling for three months, a move that infuriated the Republican leaders who advocated for a much longer debt limit extension.

Trump kicked off an aggressive push this week for Congress to take up his tax reform plan, and members of his administration — including White House legislative director Marc Short and Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney — said the deal Trump struck with Democrats was meant to clear the calendar so lawmakers could pass a tax reform package.

The president took to Twitter Friday morning to argue that Republicans should aim to pass tax reform as soon as possible, hinting that he would prefer to see Congress focus on his tax plan even before they tackle healthcare, which was once his top priority.

The Trump administration has asked Congress for nearly $8 billion in initial relief funding to handle the damage inflicted by Hurricane Harvey, and lawmakers moved to tie that funding in with a three-month stopgap spending bill and the three-month debt limit hike.

Trump has sparred openly or fumed privately with several members of his Cabinet. Over the summer, he expressed frustration with the way Attorney General Jeff Sessions allowed the Russia investigation at the Justice Department to mushroom into a special counsel probe. And Trump has recently begun to sour on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's style, although he has not publicly criticized Tillerson.