President Trump will seek out advice on racial issues confronting the nation from South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, the first African-American senator in the state's history, and the only African-American senator who is Republican.

The Monday meeting is expected to be a one-on-one conversation, according to Axios.

President Trump was criticized heavily by both the Left and the Right for his remarks in the aftermath of violent and deadly protests in Charlottesville last month that all began with a protest by white supremacists who opposed the removal of Robert E. Lee, the commanding general of Confederate forces in the U.S. Civil War.

Shortly after the Charlottesville violence, Scott said Trump's "moral authority was compromised," by his remarks, and by what he didn't say as well.

"Racism is real," Scott said to Vice News. "It is alive. It is here. But the response from the vast majority of this country is diametrically opposite of the response in the '60s. We've had the United States military, generals, leaders, standing up and rejecting, completely, racism."

A month before Charlottesville, President Trump declined an invitation to address the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

The Axios report also states that Scott sought a similar conversation with the president before Charlottesville took place.