The White House announced Tuesday evening that President Trump intends to nominate James Trainor III of Texas to be a commissioner of the Federal Election Commission for the remainder of a 6-year term, which would last until April 2021.

Once officially nominated, Trainor will then be considered by the Senate.

Trainor is a partner at Akerman LLP where he has practiced election law, campaign finance, and ethics representation for government officers, interest groups, corporations, and two presidential campaigns. More recently, Trainor was a special assistant to the Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. Trainor also served as counsel for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and the Republican National Committee, and represented former Texas Gov. Rick Perry's presidential campaign in 2012.

The FEC operates as an independent regulatory agency that overseas campaign finance of federal elections.

Steven Walther, an independent, is the chairman of the FEC, and Caroline Hunter, a Republican, is the vice chair. Two more the commissioners, Lee Goodman and Matthew Pearson, are Republicans and one, Ellen Weintraub, is a Democrat. There is currently one vacancy on the six-member panel, but according to law only three may represent the same party.