Donald Trump offered new details Sunday about his plan to tax companies that move their factories to other countries in order to save money on labor costs.

The Republican nominee told NBC News' "Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd he would consider taxing these corporations a certain percentage on their imports to the U.S. as a penalty for hurting the economy and putting Americans out of work. And he said that if the WTO tried to stop him, he might withdraw the United States from the organization.

"It could be 25%. It could be 35%. It could be 15%. I haven't determined. And it could be different for different companies. We have been working on trying to stop this government, because we don't know what we're doing. And not only Obama, they've been trying to stop this from before Obama. But they don't know."

Trump said previous attempts to lower interest rates and implement zero-interest loans have failed, which is why he is thinking over this new approach.

The billionaire real estate mogul called World Trade Organization a "disaster" for how it fails to look out for blue-collar workers.